Is Australian Football Really “Aerial Ping Pong”?

Growing in Queensland following World War Two, I first became familiar with “Aussie Rules” when I was in primary school in the fourth grade. My school had both Rugby League and Aussie Rules as winter games. I chose to play the Australian game. I quickly discovered that it was known as “Aerial Ping Pong” by fans of the other game that was the most played football in the state.

In hindsight from the early 20th century it is easy to see reason for this notion. The ball was usually dropped high into the air, only to be snagged above the head, or to be thrown away from the player who was marking it. Each free kick or mark typically resulted into an end to the match when the player who was attacking played the ball from behind a mark notified by an umpire. The game was a bit static.

Following each stoppage/scrimmage the ball was thrown into the air to create an rucking match similar to the tipping game in basketball. The ball could be thrown handballed or thrown forward, it was thrown off the ground, and the team scored when they kicked the ball through four goal posts. There was tackling, but it was in accordance with certain rules. Overall the team was a good amount of time on the ground.

But, the word “Ping Pong” implies a soft game. This is the reason why the nickname of our national sport was wrong. Australian soccer is actually a 360-degree game. There isn’t a single off side. Players can be tackled and bumped in any direction. In other football games the tackler is right in the direction and behind the players. Therefore, the players are aware of the player approaching. In addition that spbo live skor there are 18 opposing players who are ready to attack, push or kick, as opposed to 13 or 15 players in these Rugby games.

The game that is played today in Australian Football ridicules that nickname.

The game is played by the players.

The biggest oval;

It is home to the largest number of players in any football match that is actually played on the oval field;

The game is played over the most duration.

The current version of the game has players running continuously from one the end of the field to the opposite. (The oval measures of about 160 metres in length with 120 metres of width towards the center and 120 metres at the edge. It is the Rugby sport ovals can be described as rectangular, and just 100m long.)

Tackling is now a part in the sport. The tackling that is seen during the match is just as robust as that observed in Rugby games, however it tends to be one-on-one tackles. The goal of the player is to take the player and then put them down.

Since the game is quick, with plenty of running and intense fighting, and high-injury marking and high scoring, injuries have grown from mostly soft tissues to knee reconstructions, concussions and broken bones to mention the few injuries.

The game has become so fast that it’s currently umpired by two , three and sometimes even more than four umpires based on the particular game played at the open level.

The player in our Australian game has to master more abilities than players in Rugby games. A player must be capable of kicking both feet using different styles of kicking and handball in various ways using both hands, and destroy the mark; push and guide an opponent, and dodge players, run quickly and bouncing the ball, grab a ball from the ground at a fast pace and kick the ball from every angle.

The game at the top stage has become more professional, with training almost every day and playing only four weeks of the year.