What is a Wild Symbol in Online Slots?

This question is asked by everyone who has ever tried to play casino video slots. Nowadays, online casinos are gaining remarkable popularity and offer a fantastic gambling experience, combining exciting bonus features triggered by bonus symbols. These signs help players to achieve success and multiply their monetary funds. And it is better to know about the type of symbols in detail.

The Wild Symbol – Its Definition and Role

Wild symbols are found in almost all modern slot machines, which you can find here – https://gamblerkey.org/free-slots. Often there are analogs of Wilds, even in conventional slot machines with one line and three reels. The Wild symbol’s primary function is to replace other symbols in those situations where it provides the formation of combinations. Moreover, Wild symbols can be paid without other symbols. The winnings can be credited in some slots, even for just one Wild that appears on the slot screen.

Additional Features of the Wild Symbols

Software suppliers are trying to diversify the rules of the game, so sometimes they endow the wilds with unique abilities.

Depending on this, these signs are:

  • Ordinary, standard
  • Expanding, which are capable of occupying the entire field.
  • Multiplying
  • Sticky
  • Wandering.

The gambling industry is slightly growing, and software providers have been trying to surprise their players with something new and extraordinary. Therefore, the list of Wild’s additional features is expanding as well.

The Advantages of Wild Symbols

The possibilities of the wild symbol depend on the slot machine. Fixed wilds will be very generous, which on some slots remain stationary, which means that players can constantly enjoy the advantages. Sometimes there are expanding wilds that expand for a whole line, and in this case, the player is guaranteed to get something. Some “wild” symbols fill the entire reel.

Such special symbols practically guarantee an increase in the rate several times and a significant win. But sometimes, it happens that the Wild falls out on the wrong line or the wrong reel. On some slot machines, moving symbols may appear that can be transferred to create the desired combination. In addition to the Wild, slots can have other special symbols that can also bring good winnings.

Can I Predict the Landing of the Wild Symbol?

It is impossible to predict the appearance of wilds on the playground grid since their occurrence is always random. To understand in detail where and when the Wild Symbol will appear, you need to go through the “Pay Table” section carefully. This stack can be dropped on all or specified reels. If it is expanding, it can stretch both horizontally and vertically. For example, get to the next cell and make the neighbouring pictures profitable. It also happens that a sign drops out during free spins, filling the screen. The more of them appear on the playing field, the more solid the winning and the more interesting the game will be. But the loss is a matter of chance and great luck.

The Wild symbols make the game process much more exciting, bringing certain benefits to customers. Of course, the possibilities indicated above are far from a complete list of what it can have in different slots. Also, the developers are constantly trying to develop something new, which leads to the expansion of the functions of wild symbols.